Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights 10 Nov: Value investing making a comeback?

#1 Value making a comeback?

‘Experts’ claimed that the market may favour value over growth in the coming quarters. A self-fulfilling prophecy?

While it is true that value has underperformed growth for the past decade or so, there is no guarantee that growth will continue to outperform value or vice versa in the future.


Remember that investing is a marathon. Fads come and go.



For more information on thematic ETFs that look into factors such as growth and value as an investment proposition, see: Should smart-beta ETFs have a spot in your investment portfolio?


#2 US Market is strong?

It looks like the bear narratives are looking dimmer by the week. With all the talks of a potential trade deal with China and the loosening of monetary policy, are we drinking the kool-aid?




#3 When billionaires troll each other

Einhorn and Musk are not exactly buddies. To summarize, Einhorn shorts Tesla’s stock so Musk ‘hates’ him.




Have a good week ahead.

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