Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights 8 Dec: Trump is good for the economy?

#1 US Economy continues to post strong job growth numbers

You got to own both the good and the bad when things happen in your country. And it seems, for now, the economy continues to hum along despite a few scares a couple of months.

The US posted the strongest job growth numbers in November since the start of the year. This brings us back to the title of this article: Is Trump good for the economy?

Love him or hate him, you got to give him some credit for his. While he may be not responsible for the whole 11 years of expansion since the Obama administration, Trump’s rhetoric has at least resulted in the long-running expanding economy to expand even further since he took over the office.



#2 OPEC+ coordinates cuts to support prices

I guess when your Kingdom needs the money to keep flowing in, you cannot really afford oil to be in their 20s.



#3 Stock pickers getting crushed

Seems like stock picking is a thing of the past. However, the article made a pretty strong observation, that is if the company’s success metric is measured solely by their performance against the S&P 500 Index, it may deter companies from going the public listing route and instead into private equity.



#4 We need a Robinhood in Singapore

Brokerages in Singapore need a good old slap in their faces to know that their pricing model is lagging behind the rest of the world.



#5 The Wolf of Wall Street 

Let’s be real. He looked pretty badass back then.



Have a good week ahead.



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