Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights 12 Jan: Goldman estimates US equities to gain 6% in 2020

#1 How accurate is Goldman’s prediction?

According to Goldman, historically, when the S&P returned 30% on a rolling 12-month basis, the next year’s return will average 10.4%. Goldman predicts S&P will return 6% with a 55% probability and 12% with a 25% probability

To be honest, a 10.4% return is still pretty good.




#2 The drama continues at Boeing

  1. Employees trying to ‘dupe’ the regulators.
  2. Employees claiming that the aeroplane is designed by clowns.
  3. Employees have no confidence in their aeroplanes and would not put their own families in Boeing’s aeroplanes
  4. Boeing’s CEO fired and walked away  with millions




#3 Fed Vice Chairman claim monetary policy in a good place 

In other words, the party will continue and if the market drops, we will step in to ensure that the market continues to climb.




Have a good week ahead.




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