Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights 8 Feb: Tesla to $7000?

#1 Tesla

Tesla has one hell of a run for the past few weeks. Well, I guess people are starting to take Cathie more seriously.

Tesla stock price

For the Elon’s naysayers, there will always be reasons why they believe competitors’ EV will eventually topple Tesla’s EV in the near future. As it stands, the price-performance ratio of a Tesla far surpasses that of all competitors’ EV





#2 ETFs’ inflows strong despite the virus

Seems like the coronavirus is not putting a dent in the ETFs’ flows. All the talks about a recession also seem not to pull the brake on investors’ risk appetite.




#3 Active making a comeback via ETF?

If they are going to depend on a wrapper to outperform the market, they might as well stick to the mutual fund structure. Having said that, it does offer active managers a higher probability of beating the market since the more cost-efficient ETF structure should offer active managers some breathing room.



#4 Vegan ETFs 

This is why it is important to look under the hood of an ETF.

When the top holdings include stocks like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Intel, you might as well invest into a technology-oriented ETF.




Have a good week ahead.

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